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About Us

Here at Baytree & McQueen, we are a family business with a passion for making and tasting the best fudge found in the West Country. Our story began in 1979, when Baytree had not yet met McQueen, when fudge flavours were limited, and Cadbury’s finger of fudge was considered just enough. This was 1979, when Baytree began with Peter Carthew working for Brian and Lesley Gibson in Looe, who had an old recipe for fudge and an idea to make it in the back room of their shop, Baytree Stores of West Looe.

Fast forward over 40 years, and Peter’s daughter, Jenean and husband Danny McQueen-Mason are continuing the family fudge heritage, packaging the luxury Fudge, Honeycomb and Chocolates into perfect sized treat bags for all the family to enjoy.

Our vision is very fudgy, and very, very tasty! We aspire to maintain the nostalgic flavours of our timeless classics, whilst raising our fudge bar to innovate new fudge flavours. 

Our mission is to maintain the core business values that were born from our heritage, Baytree Candies; ensuring traditional fudge maintains nostalgia, sacred to those special moments of enjoyment. We know our biggest limitation -  aka the sugar count, and so we want to advocate a healthy life style that means you CAN enjoy our fudge as a treat.

And so the story continues, with our core values of kindness, honesty, and trust, combined with a commitment to always trying our best with a positive attitude, we strive to create a shared, enduring, and positive environment for our employees, customers and suppliers.

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